MSCCGMFL An Organization

MSCCGMF is the largest supplier of cotton in the world, merchandising over 3.5 million bales of cotton. Its exports exceed US$400 Million. It supports over 2.5 million cotton farmers.

India is the 3rd largest producer of cotton in the world. Maharashtra ranks second in India in the production of cotton. About 3 million farmers are engaged in cotton cultivation in the state mostly in the backward region of Marathwada and Vidharbha. Till 1971 the cotton trade in the state was in private hands and farmers were realize appropriate prices for their produce though the terminal markets were commanding higher prices. In order to bring benefits of higher prices to the farmers, the Government of Maharashtra launched the Cotton Monopoly Scheme in 1971 by enacting The Maharashtra Raw Cotton (Procurement, processing & Marketing) Act 1971 with objectives to get fair share in the prices to the cultivators and to ensure supply of unadulterated graded cotton at reasonable prices to the consumers.

MSCCGMFL is specially set up to undertake the procurement of cotton in the state of Maharashtra and selling the same to end users. MSCCGMFL has been appointed as the state government’s chief agent under section 42 of the Act, MSCGMFL has 12 Zonal offices located in Vidharbha, Marathwada and Khandesb and Western Maharashtra Region of Maharashtra with 68 sub Zones and 523 procurement centers so that cotton growers can easily tender their cotton within the radius of 15 kms. Procurement is done in compound of ginning and pressing factories, with the help of 157 Agricultural Produce Market Committees (APMC’s). Cotton brought by the cultivator is graded, weighed and stored in the compound. Payment to the cultivator is made with the help of 166 Taluka sale Purchase societies, who act as Sub Agent by giving “Account Payee Cheques” after effecting recovery of cooperative dues.

MSCCGMF is involved in Procurement of Raw cotton, its grading, ginning, payment for procured cotton, strict observation of monopolies act, sale of graded baled cotton, sale of seeds, insurance of cotton, empanelment of ginning factories and renewal of such contract. The federation executes its duties directly or indirectly through appropriate agencies.